Güzel Günler Episode 5

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Story Summary

Selma (Leyla Tanlar) travels to Istanbul from Van to claim her inheritance when she believes all other options have been exhausted. Below is his father’s junk automobile, which he shares with his well-to-do brother Leylim. The only requirement for receiving the inheritance is the discovery of the other partner of the inheritance, his old love Mihran. Mihran flees to Istanbul after the fire, who was born on the same day as him, was prophesied to love each other with great love on the day they were born, and Selma was designated as the scapegoat.

Selma locates Mihran in Istanbul. Thus, not only Selma and Mihran, but Mihran’s barista cousin Atakan (Olgun Toker), Atakan’s platonic love boxer Altan (Zeynep amac), Mihran’s vast and happy family; the lives of her aunt, the menemeci Kymet (Binnur Kaya), her cousin Füsun (Ecem Erkek), her mother Saliha (Seray Gözler).

Güzel Günler Recaps

Episode 1

Selma (Leyla Tanlar) travels from Van to Istanbul to claim her inheritance at a time when all other options have been exhausted. The sole need for receiving the fortune is to locate his ex-fiancee Mihran (Burak Dakak). However, Selma and Mihran were separated following a massive fire, which Selma was blamed for, and all bridges between them were destroyed.

Selma travels to Istanbul in search of Mihran’s relatives Atakan (Olgun Toker) and Altan (Zeynep amac). Meanwhile, Mihran’s mother Saliha (Seray Gözler), aunt Kymet (Binnur Kaya), and aunt’s daughter Füsun (Ecem Toker) are frantically finishing the final preparations for Mihran’s engagement.

Episode 2

The family is taken aback by Selma’s attendance to Mihran’s engagement. Mihran chooses to sell Selma and the ancestral home. Meanwhile, Füsun, who discovers Selma’s jewellery in her aunt’s luggage, goes to extreme lengths to uncover Saliha’s secret. On the one hand, Kymet faces all of his family’s issues, while on the other, he must cope with the ‘z Menemenci Hakim’ who confronts him. When Selma and Mihran return from selling the mansion in Büyükada, they are greeted with a big surprise.

Episode 3

Mihran, who is in a terrible situation as a result of Selma’s presence, is compelled to tell his girlfriend Alya the truth. Selma seeks for means to survive with her brother after failing to locate what she was looking for in Istanbul. Meanwhile, when her companion Altan falls into difficulty, she encounters the dark side of Istanbul. A hilarious thing will happen in the house as Füsun, the middle daughter, is trying to aid two friends and conceal Leylim. While pursuing youngsters, Kymet becomes involved in an internet adventure in order to compete with Hakim.

Episode 4

Selma’s unexpected phone call on her way back to Van leads her to make a critical decision. The news from Selma perplexes the people of the home, who gathered for breakfast to celebrate Mihran’s reunion with Alya. While Selma attempts to regain her footing in Istanbul, Kymet complains about Hakim to the mayor, triggering a series of amusing events that will endanger both him and Hakim. With the disappearance of Little Leylim, Altan, Atakan, Füsun, Feyyaz, Kymet, and even Hakim’s paths meet. Mihran and Selma, who are after Little Ninja Leylim, are getting closer, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Güzel Günler Episode 5

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