Iyilik Episode 25

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Story Summary

From the outside, Neslihan (Hatice endil) enjoys a lovely and enviable life in the series “yilik (Goodness).” While Neslihan believes in this illusion and feels she is enjoying a good life, she realizes that her husband (Ismail Demirci) has been cheating on her for a long time. Moreover, she swaps her sister with Damla (Sera Kutlubey). All of the stones he stands on are shuffled, and Neslihan must analyze and reinterpret right and wrong, good and bad, in order to stand up and fight for herself, her family, and her children.

Iyilik Recaps

Episode 15

Just as Neslihan is ready to tell Poyraz what he knows about Damla, Damla informs him that Neslihan is a felon who has recently been released from jail. She also threatens Neslihan by going after the kids’ school on that particular day. She hints that she will pay the price with her children if he does not keep away from Poyraz. Poyraz kicks Neslihan out of her house the next day because she no longer wants him in there.

Deniz, who adores her instructor, flees home, travels to the district where Neslihan claims to dwell, and contacts Neslihan. Neslihan locates Deniz and quickly alerts Poyraz. Murat enters Damla’s residence one night and threatens to murder her if he does not give her money. Damla goes to the police station the next day and reports about Murat. She meets with Murat in order to cooperate with the police and hand over his money.

Episode 16

Damla, desperate to keep Neslihan away from Poyraz, expands the threat and sends a “present” to Nehir and Batu. Melis bleeds after discovering Murat’s actual identity. After receiving the present from Damla and hearing what Eda stated, Ahika contacts Koray and informs him that she no longer wishes to reside in that house. Koray will have one last conversation with Neslihan. Neslihan, Koray, ahika, and Damla are locked in a battle.

Episode 18

Poyraz was frightened of losing Neslihan when his mother dismissed her, so he confessed his love for her. Will Neslihan respond to Poyraz’s person, who is coping with financial issues in addition to the stress in her life? Damla, on the other hand, lied about being pregnant in order to obtain Poyraz. Will Poyraz fall victim to Damla’s scheme? Damla employs Melis to keep Murat’s money safe. She threatens Melis with informing her that Murat is married and has children. Murat will either give in to Damla’s threats or report him to the police.

Melis, who was seen close to Murat in the camera recordings, gets contacted thanks to Atilla’s efforts. It’s only a matter of time before the cops find Murat, who is wanted on a warrant. When Melis goes to the police station to give a statement, Neslihan appears in front of her and tells her the facts about Murat that she is unaware of and requests that the police inform her where she is. Melis discovers through Neslihan that Murat is married with children. Melis understands she has been duped and is devastated by her disappointment. Will she inform the police where she is in order to get revenge on Murat?

Episode 19

Murat is adamant on divorcing Neslihan in order to marry Melis. He also threatens to take the children away from him. Nehir’s father cannot be stopped by Neslihan, who is left on the street. Murat also wishes to conquer Batu. Neslihan’s children are in risk of being taken away from her. As if all of this wasn’t enough, he will face yet another calamity. Ahika is rushed to the hospital, where she is struggling for her life.

Neslihan is straining to provide for her family while also dealing with Murat. Poyraz comes in front of him and offers to save him from all of his problems, saying, “Let’s be married…” Will Poyraz’s marriage proposal be accepted by Neslihan?

Episode 20

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Iyilik Episode 25

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