Yali Çapkini Episode 11

Yali Çapkini Episode 11

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Yali Çapkini Story

The rich family’s son Ferit is well known for his love affairs. Therefore, when the police searched his home, his grandfather Halis Aga made the decision to choose the girl of a family they know well from his hometown of Gaziantep as his grandson’s wife.

Yali Çapkini Previous Episodes Summary

Episode 1

Ferit will wed a suitable girl from Gaziantep after upsetting his family, notably his grandpa Halis Aga, with his recklessness. Ferit doesn’t want to get married, but he is unable to break his grandfather’s promise. Ifakat, Halis Aga’s oldest bride, has the responsibility of finding the proper bride. Both Suna and her sister Seyran will be affected by the surprise that will be experienced at the desired ceremony of Suna, who is qualified to be the bride of the Korhan Family in Gaziantep.

Episode 2

Suna is preferred by the Korhan Family over Seyran. Preparations begin as soon as Kazim accepts this offer. Despite her objections, Seyran is unable to persuade both her aunt Hattuç and her father Kazim. To escape marrying Ferit, Seyran urges Yusuf to abduct her. Ferit, on the other hand, is unconcerned about the marriage since he believes nothing will change in his life. Ferit and Seyran are set to embark on an action-packed day.

Episode 3

Seyran, who arrived in Istanbul after the wedding, is attempting to adjust to the Korhans’ order as well as her new family. Halis Aga, on the other hand, has a different idea for Ferit. Rumors about Suna in Antep irritate Kazim and force him to make a choice.

Episode 4

Ferit’s struggles to adjust to his new employment, as well as his disagreements with Seyran, continue. When Kazim visits Istanbul, he first goes to see Halis Aga. Seyran, who gradually learns the Korhan family’s customs, accidentally watches what transpired between Ifakat and Orhan. Asuman’s operation brings Fuat and the Korhans together to support him. Seyran is taken aback when she least expects it.

Episode 5

Ferit is furious when he finds that Yusuf is Seyran’s ex-boyfriend. Yusuf is adamant on speaking with Seyran. Ferit separates the sisters when Seyran says she needs to talk to Suna about the situation. Kazim and his family come to visit the Korhans at Gülgün’s invitation.

Episode 6

Ferit, who had a conflict with Yusuf, does not calm down for long and vents his frustration on Seyran. Seyran, who performed exceptionally well on the university test, is in for some bad news. Surprises follow one another over a family supper with Kazim and Suna. Pelin has no intention of abandoning Ferit, and Yusuf has no intention of abandoning Seyran.

Episode 7

Yusuf gets a position at the house by claiming to be a distant relative of Seyran. Ferit, on the other hand, becomes enraged by the scenario and offers to spend the entire day with Seyran to discuss it. Fuat is still working with Suna. The arrival of Halis Aga to Kazim prompts the opening of old notebooks with Hattuç. Suna and Seyran’s supper with Fuat and Ferit comes to an abrupt conclusion.

Episode 8

When Ferit informs Seyran that Suna kissed him at night, Seyran becomes enraged, and despite Ferit’s assurances that he is innocent, she blames him. When Seyran discovers that her mother is ill, she takes her mother’s breath and spends the night with her. Ferit, on the other hand, seizes the opportunity and goes out with Pelin. While Seyran is questioning Suna to account for kissing Ferit, Kazim becomes enraged and starts his new plot for Suna.

Yali Çapkini Episode 11 With English Subtitles

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